The Kind Thieves have come a long way in a short time.  When they arrived at the Kid In The Background studio in 2014 as a duo, they went by the monicker Noah Forgot the Whale.  Cody Perkins and Colby Elswick (Curses / Motion Theatre) recorded a five song demo, and started booking shows in southern WV.  The pair certainly had a knack for layering amazing vocal harmonies atop acoustic guitar and banjo to create a beautifully melancholy conjuring.  Check out one of the recordings HERE.  Fast forward to 2016’s The Kind Thieves: A new name, fresh line-up, and a modish take on one of our favorite tunes – “Poi”.  Recorded using 3 Zigma’s Chi System 


With Cody trading the flat-top for mandolin, he made way for the addition of Jonathan Lee Archie (Primoheads) on guitar, Annie Starshine on fiddle, and Drew Jobe (Rockwell’s Ghost / Motion Theatre) on upright bass.  Each ‘Thief’ a phenomenal musician in their own right, their talents combine to create an unstoppable – Captain Planet strength – Nu-Grass ensemble.

The Kind Thieves will share the stage with Mid-Eastern regional dulcimer champion Hunter Walker’s ‘The Buzzards’ and  our good friends from ‘The Urban Pioneers’ at Tamarack: Best of West Virginia on Sunday December 20, 2015.  If you can’t make it to the show, try the links below to find more great music from these West Virginia artists!