Mark Bates isn’t new to songwriting. As a matter of fact, he could be considered a pillar of the Mountain State’s musical culture. Born and raised in Hurricane, WV, Bates sought the bright lights of Nashville for a spell, and carved out his own notch on Music Row. It wasn’t long before the mountains of WV, and the distance from family, beckoned him home.

His songs are less singles and more snapshots of the culture in the hills we West Virginians proudly call home. Mark’s stories are a candid reminder of the humanity and humble reality of our daily lives, while paying homage to the beauty the world has to offer.

A dash of Tom Petty blended with the flavor of Warren Zevon makeup Mark’s carefully crafted recipe. It’s like listening to songs you’ve known for years, for the very first time. “Highway Signs” puts Mark’s honest songwriting on display, and touts a melody that’s been stuck in our heads since the first time we heard it.

When Mark isn’t accompanied by Pete Hurt and Rodney Crihfield in the “West Virginia Six”, you can also check him out solo or performing with Charleston WV legends “The Carpenter Ants”.