Our favorite Prince Street Sessions are the ones that start the night before, and man oh man was this one for the record books. Following an unbelievable performance at our favorite local music venue, Melody’s, the fine young gentleman of Bennett Wales & The Relief  found their way to the guest rooms, couches and basement floors of Jason’s house for a night of drinking, jamming, hanging, drinking and more drinking. And boy did we drink! 

Then the sun came up to a bag of biscuits and tub of coffee from WV staple Tudors Biscuit World provided by WhizzBangBAM management’s own Charlie Hatcher and the band rolled up their sleeping bags, wiped the sleep from their eyes and tried to convince us to change the name of our little pet music series to “The Hangover Sessions”…just before awarding their hosts a ‘fun coin’, for the previous evening’s shenanigans. In case you’re wondering what that means exactly, well Bennett explains, “Our currency of choice is ‘fun coins’…and you definitely earned your fun coin. You’re one step closer to Funbassadorship. Four fun coins to become a funbassador. Then you get a certificate and everything. I have mine mounted on the wall. Funbassadorship is one of the greatest honors.”


An early alarm and a little morning fog were no match for a couple of pots of locally roasted coffee from The Chocolate Moose  and the raw musical ability of one of Kid in the Background’s new favorite bands. Imagine cramming Jamiroquai and Vulfpeck into a blender with the King of Pop himself, and then pouring it over a bed of melodic perfection tossed with pure instrumental skill and you might have an idea what Bennett Wales & The Relief brings to the table. Check out this exclusive performance  “Braverman” (currently available on their album ‘Flood Without Water‘), and get ready to battle your goosebumps.


booking inquiries:  chatcher@whizzbangbam.com