Appalachian-stained folk grass sounds like something that might be illegally sold at a string band festival camp, yet Andrew Adkins’ music somehow beautifully fits that moniker. The crew here at KITB has been following Andrew Adkins for close to 10 years. After stumbling into The V-Club in Huntington WV circa 2009 we found Andrew as the lead singer of his longtime project, The Wild Rumpus. The band was closing the night at an afterparty for the Old Crow Medicine Show concert at Harris Riverfront Park. After a night of dancing, drinking, and generally “actin-a-fool”, we left the V-Club with a keychain that read “I Heart WV” and a copy of The Rumpus’ ‘Love, Trains, & Home’. 

That album remains in our rotation to this day and that, for us, is testament to the calibre of songwriting and homespun Americana that Appalachian music is now famous for.

Fast forward to 2018: Andrew Adkins is a staple in the West Virginia songwriting community and has qualified tenure through a consistent touring schedule. Double A, now riding solo, is ready to drop his second LP  proving to the world that it’s way easier to get him into the studio than a pair of sneakers. Andrew played this song, “Who I Am” as we set up for the shoot, and the tales spun by forgotten troubadours danced thru the air. He took time from his busy schedule as a traveling musician, radio personality, and woodworker to hang at the Kid In The Background studios for this edition of the Prince Street Sessions. Were 5 years into this project and it’s only right we got to cut this version of “Who I Am” with Andrew, who’s provided so much to the southern WV music scene. The new record is produced by legendary Mountain Stage band member Ron Sowell and engineered by the renowned musical guru Bud Carrol.