The Parachute Brigade – “Carry You Along”

Have you ever watched something develop so organically that you barely realized the impact of what was happening?  It’s hard to put into words really.  It’s the odd sensation you get experiencing something new for the first time, while everything about it seems so familiar.  There’s something unique, that sends a tingle up your spine and forces a grin from ear to ear.  That’s how we explain our relationship with an amazing crew of individuals who have grown into something pretty special, and very much one-of-a-kind: The Parachute Brigade.

The Parachute Brigade’s voices are so buttery, so bright, it’s like angels from above shed their wings and sky-dived right into your ear holes. Oh, and their songwriting? Sheesh, don’t get us started. The Brigade has that thing. You either have it or you don’t, and brother… they have it. It’s a mastery of lyrics and melodies that can in one moment feel so specific it’s like your own personal soundtrack and then on a dime become elegant enough to express an appreciation for all the love and beauty there is the world over.

Big things are in-store for TPB in 2018. With the upcoming release of their debut EP, entitled ‘The Gold EP’, plus the recent cover feature in WV South Magazine, there’s no doubt that the region is starting to take notice of something we’ve known for a long time, these guys are truly the bee’s knees. We have been long overdue in welcoming these fine friends of ours to the office for their own Prince Street Session (though you may recognize Justin and Eric from a couple previous episodes), so we gave them a ring to see if they’d be interested in giving us a sneak preview of one of the cuts off of their upcoming release. This was their answer…

This episode of The Prince Street Sessions is dedicated to the loving memory of our good friend Laureano Jose Garcia.  You will be missed.

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