Have you ever met one of those guys – you know, one of thoooose guys – who can’t let you finish a story because he’s so eager to one-up it? Everyone meets a person fabricates strings of history in order to weave together a tighter life story. Our best good buddy, Matt Mullins of The Boatmen, encounters these folks so often that he’s developed his own classification for their personality type: “Story Slingers”.  In this submission to the Prince Street Sessions, Mullins has penned a his own tall tale, full of hilarity and heartbreak in an effort to draw awareness to the plight of the constantly one-upped.  
  Matt and his fellow Boaters – Nick Durm, Randy Gilkey, and Rob Gross – hopped in their boat van and sailed by the Kid In The Background multi-media factory to chat about their new album, opening for Leon Russell at Main Stage Morgantown, and the long list of pro wrestling’s greatest gaffes.  Once the erroneous pleasantries were out of the way, we did that thing we do and wired  The Boatmen for sound. What happened next, nobody expected, everybody was shocked, and jaws fell to the floor.  Had tears in our eyes, couldn’t believe what we saw, made us want to destroy hotel rooms while listening to Sonny Bono.  The Boats did what the Boats do:  they brought it whole hog with their mind-blowing harmonies and special “High-School Locker Room” brand of humor.  “Story Slingers” is a tale for the one-upped, the two-upped, the uppers and frowners, the grandmas, nieces, happy folks and downers. We are all, in one way or another, our very own story slingers.