The KITB “Sunday Funday” event series is turning into a thing!  It all started with Pig Skin & Sin in 2013, and continues to get better each time. The Calamity Cubes! stopped thru for our latest installment, and brought their best good buddy Billy Cook along for the journey.  I made a deal with Joey that they could crash at the studio in exchange for some private pickin’ in our favorite room in the house…. He agreed, and what your about to see is the culmination of years of hard work, hard livin’, and what Joey described to us as “Good Medicine”.



Thanks to the Cubes! and Billy Cook for treating us all to their Kansas style “roots-icana” — Hellbound Honkytonk for their support — and thanks to the good people of Beckley WV for taking them to a couple good skate spots, cooking some vegetarian meals, and basically showing them all the love in the world.


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