The KITB crew heads up to Foster’s Main St. Tavern one fall evening… lookin’ to wash away the day’s frustrations with an icy pint.  Once inside, we stumbled upon the nomadic outlaws from none other than the beautiful state of Utah.  The leader of this rowdy crew introduced himself as Lorin Walker Madsen, and explained that he was passing thru, and had picked up a night at the Tavern to close the gap between cities.  We stayed to listen, and were thoroughly impressed!  After the show, we asked if they wanted to crash at our office in exchange for an acoustic recording of one of the group’s favorite songs the following morning.  Those events lead us to proudly present to you – Lorin Walker Madsen performing “Country Livin” live at Kid In The Background!!!



Check out Lorin and crew online – show em’ some Facebook “Like” love – and if there in a town near you, GO!

Lorin Walker Madsen on Facebook