After meeting the full band in Morgantown earlier this year, the crew at KITB became instant fans of Joe’s Truck Stop. These fellas combine lightning fast picking with precision, just so they can layer on insightful lyrics waxing on topics such as being the ‘head of the Corn Bread Mafia’. They’re certainly making a name for themselves touring the country belting out their unique brand of ‘high-energy country, blues, and western’.



We were approached by the band’s leader, Joe Macherete, in June about picking up a last minute show in Beckley around the 4’th of July. Knowing the guys at Kid In The Background have a penchant for bluegrass and bombs bursting in air…this was an opportunity we surely couldn’t pass up. Joe and banjo phenom Anrew McPheters stopped by Foster’s Main Street Tavern on July 5’th to share the stage with Paul Johnson of Johnson’s Crossroad, and The Kind Thieves. By the time they’d finished tuning up, the crowd knew they were in for a face melting hybrid of old-time, old country, and new concepts.

After the show, we said to ourselves: “Hey selves! You should get these guys to stay a while and shoot an episode for the Prince Street Sessions.” So we hog tied em’ and forced them to sing for their freedom. Keep that in mind when you visit southern Appalachia, and you can shred… you have been warned.

Big shout to Joe and Andrew for throwing down at Foster’s and at KITB…as well as having really dope Urban Pioneers tee-shirts! Click the links below to keep up with Joe’s Truck Stop, and try to catch em’ in your city while they’re on tour.

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