While purveying the security of West Virginia’s back porch, grime-rockers Tyler Evans, Kati Grimmett, Drew Basharah, Chris  Oxley, and David Gravely decided they wanted to tell the story of the “old snake that got a hold of us all.” This caravan of wacky musicians, hailing from the often prayed for city of Beckley, performs “Burn, Burn, Burn”—and manages to conjure the ancient spirit of rock and roll in its spit n’ swearing, overall-wearing glory.


The Prince Street Sessions, in conjunction with Kid in the Background, Inc. and Planet Product, proudly present to you the Heavy-Set Paw-Paws. Come sit on grandpa’s knee as he sings you the birdsong of how he once ran naked down Neville St. only to surely realize that it was very cold—and thus he began to write the blues.

For Booking call: (304) 712-8886.

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