Dad Horse Experience is a one-of-a-kind one-man-band.  It’s not every day that you bump into ‘A gospel preaching, banjo plucking outsider artist from Bremen, Northern Germany who howls “turn the shit into gold!” as his saving grace.’  The crew at KITBmedia had the pleasure of meeting Dad Horse Ottn several years back when booking shows for a local venue.  Ottn and his  one-man-band The Dad Horse Experience came to preach the”Keller Gospel”  in Beckley WV, along with his long time friend Slate Dump.  Ol’ Dad needed a spot to crash, and @KITBmedia offered a couch at the office, in exchange for this rendition of his latest release “Too Close To Heaven”.  If nothing else, you will never hear anything like The Dad Horse Experience – and due to his current immigration status, you may not see him in the US for a long time.  Log on to his website to show your support, and help one of the most unique acts ever return to the states!