You can’t talk about Southern WV’s music scene without mentioning Motion Theatre.   The crew at Kid In The Background has been great friends with most of the guys from Motion Theatre for years.  As a matter of fact, the genius quintet were friends of the Kid before there ever was a Kid.  KITB’s Jason Lockart was actually filling a bass player position at the time this video was shot, and MT’s Robbie Lanham still works there!  Needless to say, it’s no coincidence that this was the first Prince Street Session ever recorded.  Seriously, we owned one camera and one mic, but Motion Theatre sparked the inspiration for the entire concept of PSS.

 In 2013, Motion Theatre released their sophomore album, “The Convalescing”, and everything changed.  An incredibly written balance of progressive rock, post-punk, and alternative, with a lyrical and melodic center that is as haunting as it is likely to get stuck in your head.  Motion Theatre has it all—the songs, the talent, and a stage show that has yet to disappoint even the most discerning critic.  Since the album’s release, the band has embarked on three national tours, countless regional tours, and performed in Pittsburgh, PA on the Warped Tour Ernie Ball Stage.  “Eleven/Eleven,” the debut single from “The Convalescing,” has it all, and Motion Theatre beautifully strips it down to its core for you to enjoy.

Motion Theatre stops by the studio at Kid In The Background to perform an acoustic version of their single Eleven/Eleven for the first installment of @KITBMedia Prince Street Sessions.  Be sure to pick up their album The Convalescing on iTunesCD Baby, and BandCamp…as well as follow on Facebook.  Next Spotify be sure and listen to Motion Theatre – Eleven Eleven.