How a crew of punk rock road dogs from Rhode Island got into banjo music, we may never know.  We certainly don’t give a damn.  Filthy Still combine Scruggs style banjo pickin’ with driving force to carry lyrics about an array of interesting topics:  Debaucherous trips across the Mexican border, the concept that the earth is a spinning pile of dino-poo, or just plain sinning.

We got the word the boys were passing thru to promote their latest record on the Farmageddon Records imprint.  Filthy Still had been on a playlist in the office for quite some time, so we were more than happy to help them pick up some shows in the area.  To show their appreciation, they dropped by the KITB Studio to lay down Another Bottle for this episode of the Prince Street Sessions.  Big thanks to Jeremy, Jesse, and the Matts for tearin’ it down in the front office @KITBmedia before their show at Cantrell’s Ultimate Rafting in Fayetteville, WV.  Cheers fellas!